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Tip of the Week: The Steps in a Safe Test and Measurement Sequence

EC&M - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
Using a digital multimeter (DMM) to verify that a circuit is de-energized is a good safety practice. Let's walk through the steps Carl takes before replacing a motor starter.

Man Burned In Electrical Mishap At Enfield Distribution Center

Hartford Courant - ‎Apr 21, 2016‎
ENFIELD - A man suffered burns to his hands and face when an electrical panel shorted out at the Coca-Cola distribution center Thursday morning, a fire official said.

Tip of the Week: The Value of Annex B in NFPA 70 (NEC)

EC&M - ‎Apr 18, 2016‎
After the body of the NEC, concluding with Chapter 9, you'll find a series of “Informative Annexes.” If you're an electrician installing equipment in the field, you might look at Annex A and, after letting out a big yawn, conclude the Annexes don't ...

Understanding Infrared Certifications

EC&M - ‎Apr 22, 2016‎
In the electrical industry, a certification is often not a goal unto itself, but a recognition that you've demonstrated expertise in a given area.

Vision System Checks Surface Mount Resistors

Novus Light Technologies Today - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
The co-ordinates of the edges of the defective parts are transferred to a Ulyxe laser Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser which ablates a linear path across the resistors, enabling them to be easily identified at a later stage during electrical ...

Electrician Singapore Offers Professional Residential and Commercial Electrician Services

Digital Journal - ‎Apr 19, 2016‎
... electrical switched; Wiring for video and stereo systems; Household blackouts; Household power trips; Addition of TV points, water heater points and air-con points; Relocation of electrical lighting, switches and sockets; and Electrical testing for ...

"한국산 사업용 가스그릴 최초로 ETL 인증"

Korea Daily - ‎Apr 26, 2016‎
그때부터 그는 2년간 불판 개발에 매달렸다. 한 대표는 "한국에 있는 그릴 제조업체와 한국가스안전공사의 지원으로 한국 상업용 가스그릴로는 처음으로 미국전기전제품 안전마크(ETL.Electrical Testing Laboratory)를 따내는 데 성공했다"고 강조했다. "사실 ETL ...
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LG전자, 사우디 관급공사 냉방사업 수주

디지털데일리 - ‎Apr 18, 2016‎
LG전자 터보냉동기는 미국 냉난방공조협회(Air-conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) 인증과 북미 전기전자제품 안전마크 ETL(Electrical Testing Laboratory) 인증을 받았다. LG전자 에어솔루션사업부장 이재성 전무는 “이번 수주는 LG 터보냉동기 ...

LG전자, 사우디아라비아 대형 냉방사업 수주

한국에너지신문 - ‎Apr 20, 2016‎
또 북미 전기전자제품 안전마크인 ETL(Electrical Testing Laboratory) 인증도 취득했다. LG전자는 2009년 아랍에미레이트에 터보 냉동기를 납품한 것을 시작으로 중동, 동남아 등으로 판매 지역을 확대하고 있다. LG전자는 올해 터보 냉동기를 포함한 글로벌 칠러 ...