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NHS Direct

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Revealed: Google AI has access to huge haul of NHS patient data

New Scientist - ‎16 hours ago‎
In a statement, the Royal Free NHS Trust says that it “provides DeepMind with NHS patient data in accordance with strict information governance rules and for the purpose of direct clinical care only.” Still, some are likely to be concerned by the ...

Woman who suffered heart attack wins payout after NHS told her she only had heartburn - ‎Apr 18, 2016‎
Brian Kinsey went to the shop to buy antacids and paracetamol for his wife Patricia, after an NHS Direct worker wrongly ruled that an ambulance was not required for her chest and stomach pains - only for him to find her unresponsive when he returned.

Evelyn Rose Worman :Female Flatulence - The Biggest Taboo?

Huffington Post UK - ‎13 hours ago‎
A quick browse on NHS direct will tell you that symptoms include (but are not limited to): bloating, mild to extreme embarrassment, a comical 'parping' sound, and a high possibility of emitting odour.

Could that burning 'down below' be an STI? Safe sex matters whatever your age

AOL UK - ‎18 hours ago‎
According to NHS direct, symptoms of genital herpes when experienced for the first time include small blisters that burst to leave red, open sores around your genitals, back passage, thighs and buttocks.

NHS Alpha: the team creating a new

Digital Health - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
The 2012 'Power of Information' strategy promised “a comprehensive online 'portal' - bringing together the best of the relevant information and online services currently provided by existing web services: NHS Choices, NHS Direct online, NHS 111 online ...

JAN MOIR: The OTHER twits I'd love to turn a muck spreader on

Daily Mail - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
First, do no harm. Then scramble to join the first ever all-out strike in the history of the NHS if you don't get your own way over pay.

Lansley warns Brexit could bring 6% cut to NHS budget

Public Finance - ‎17 hours ago‎
“In order for the NHS to be stronger and for us to support a sustainable NHS long term we need Britain to have a sustainable strong economy, and long term there is a direct relationship between our GDP growth and our ability to fund the NHS,” he told ...

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee :Why Modern Medicine Needs to Change

Huffington Post UK - ‎13 hours ago‎
So, why is the UK spending over £20 billion pounds every year on the direct and indirect costs of this condition? ... It is time to change the trajectory of chronic disease that is already making the NHS as well as many other healthcare systems ...

The Welsh Ambulance Service received a 999 call almost every minute of every day in March

WalesOnline - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
But all other patients will have a response based on their clinical needs, which could mean a referral to NHS Direct Wales or their GP rather than a trip to hospital.

YouTube's claims about the royalties it owes to musicians sound . . . curious

Fast Company - ‎8 hours ago‎
Over the past two years, YouTube has joined Spotify and Pandora as a frequent target of artists claiming that they're owed royalty payments.

This month, the Beyhive sent over 2 million tweets with lemon emojis

Fast Company - ‎8 hours ago‎
"@MagicRecs is no longer regularly sending recommendations through Direct Message. Recommendations that were previously shared via Direct Message are now delivered via push notification. Users can control recommendation notifications in their ...

Supreme Court just gave the FBI a pass to hack remote computers

Fast Company - ‎10 hours ago‎
Until yesterday, federal law enforcement couldn't get a warrant to hack into a computer if it didn't know the computer's physical location.

We're all off to ... Leeds

Event Magazine - ‎17 hours ago‎
Leeds is the UK's second-largest centre for financial and business services after London, and four of the country's most important National Health Service bodies - including NHS England - are headquartered in the city. The Tetley Brewery was located in ...
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Junior doctors strike: Jeremy Corbyn joins protest march - as it happened

The Guardian - ‎Apr 26, 2016‎
The chair of the BMA's junior doctors committee, Johann Malawana, described today's walkout as “the saddest day in NHS history”. He said it was “entirely avoidable”, accusing Hunt for being unwilling to negotiate. Mark Porter, chair of the BMA council ...

Medical help is just a call away for Marlborough

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
PEOPLE needing to see a doctor urgently in the Marlborough area may not realise that an out-of-hours service at Savernake Community Hospital is just a phone call away.

Like vultures, fitness brands are capitalizing on Classpass's price hike

Fast Company - ‎12 hours ago‎
And a startup called Skyfit wrote to inform us that it has the solution to the ClassPass price hike: a playlist that allows you to hear famous personal trainers coaching you for $10 a month.
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Family of Emma Welch who took teddies to top of Snowdon call for more NHS staff after her death

Daily Mail - ‎Apr 27, 2016‎
Emma's mother, Lesley Welch, 51, and other family members are now pushing for more 24-hour care in the NHS. Speaking after the hearing, Ms Welch said: 'If she had gone to theatre, there is a slim chance she would still be with us.
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Tributes paid to 'loving' family man killed in two-ambulance collision

Irish Independent - ‎10 hours ago‎
"Today our thoughts are with his family and our colleagues at the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust following the road traffic collision.

Filling a care void: Countless lives saved by ending hospital discharge delays News - ‎13 hours ago‎
Andy Powell, secured funding from the North Staffordshire clinical commissioning group (NSCCG) for his 'direct referral' pilot, after getting his commissioning manager Nicola Bucknell to approach Royal Stoke Hospital's clinical lead for geriatric ...