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From Amazon To Google Books: How The Internet Is Changing How We Read

Forbes - ‎Apr 29, 2016‎
Type the title of any major work of literature into Google along with the keywords “major themes” or “plot devices” or “symbolism” and the first several pages of search results will likely be filled with everything a high school student rushing to ...

Google Books for research

Reedsburg Times Press - ‎12 hours ago‎
“Google” has become a commonplace term in our vocabulary. We know Google as the popular Internet search engine, and we are used to “googling” this and that to find information.

Cert. Denied in Google Books Copyright Case: Big Win for Fair Use Doctrine

Lexology (registration) - ‎May 1, 2016‎
In short, Google works with several university libraries to digitize their collections and monetize the digital copies through searches through Google Books and Google's Library Project. The works are mostly non-fiction, out-of-print books, many of ...

Paul Gilster: Google Books decision opens door to create true digital library

News & Observer - ‎Apr 23, 2016‎
Out of this grew initiatives like Google Books, which takes an approach to the online library that relies on the concept of “fair use.

Google Books Survives Legal Challenge

Lexology (registration) - ‎Apr 23, 2016‎
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to grant certiorari over a Second Circuit decision (Authors' Guild v. Google Inc.) affirming that Google's project of digitizing, and making available online for searching, tens of millions of books is a protected fair ...

Google Books project gets green light

Lexology (registration) - ‎Apr 24, 2016‎
On April 18 2016 the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal in Authors Guild v Google, thus leaving in place a lower court ruling that Google did not infringe authors' copyrights in its project to create a searchable library of the world's books. The ...

Google Books Survives Legal Challenge - Supreme Court Declines to Address Book-Digitization Project

JD Supra (press release) - ‎Apr 25, 2016‎
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to grant certiorari over a Second Circuit decision (Authors' Guild v. Google Inc.) affirming that Google's project of digitizing, and making available online for searching, tens of millions of books is a protected fair ...

Google's massive database diminishes copyright security for books

Albuquerque Journal - ‎May 1, 2016‎
Because the 2nd Circuit covers New York, it has a special authority over America's book publishing industry. A group of authors and publishers, along with the Authors Guild, sued Google for copying their books without permission and making excerpts ...
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Supreme Court green-lights Google despite claim of “infringement on a massive scale”

Digital Trends - ‎Apr 21, 2016‎
All scanning is a go. The Supreme Court rejected an appeal of a lower court ruling in favor of Google Books on Monday, meaning the Internet giant can continue scanning all published works, according to Reuters.
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Google Doodle celebrates urban design writer Jane Jacobs

Dezeen - ‎6 hours ago‎
Today's Google Doodle features an illustration of American writer and urban planning activist Jane Jacobs, who successfully campaigned against major infrastructure projects in New York and Toronto.

Telecom companies to gain from billing tie-up with Google

Economic Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
... gain from carrier billing partnership with Google, the dominant mobile applications store provider, as it can help them monetise their infrastructure, besides offering consumers an easier way to pay for digital purchases such as e-books and apps ...
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Getty on Google: It's all about traffic, duh

The Register - ‎Apr 28, 2016‎
In the case of Google Books, you can either read disjointed snippets or attempt to buy a frequently unobtainable book. There's no middle ground between the two: researchers can't use a metered product, because it doesn't exist.

Is Ajeet Singh's ThoughtSpot The Next Google For Numbers?

Forbes - ‎10 hours ago‎
ThoughtSpot's technology—developed by former Google engineers—is able to take mind-boggling amounts of information sitting in very complicated data structures—databases like Oracle ORCL -1.54% and Netezza with thousands of tables, cloud applications ...

Sprint finish: how to solve problems and try new ideas in five days

The Guardian - ‎16 hours ago‎
He later brought this high-level of efficiency to his role at Google, where he launched and spearheaded a new approach called Sprint, a speedy process that encourages teams to hatch an idea and move it from prototype to road-testing in just five days ...
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Google's new media apocalypse: How the search giant wants to accelerate the end of the age of websites

Salon - ‎May 1, 2016‎
Google is announcing that it wants to cut out the middleman—that is to say, other websites—and serve you content within its own lovely little walled garden.

Authors Guild v. Google Ruling: An Expansive View of Fair Use

Huffington Post - ‎May 3, 2016‎
Here's why: The lower court's decision in favor of Google ruled that its project to digitize millions of books and create a searchable library did not violate the authors' copyrights and did not require permission or monetization. In allowing this ...

TVEyes on the Prize: Clarifying the Law of Copyright Fair Use

JD Supra (press release) - ‎4 hours ago‎
For example, although Google's book transcription and search features were adjudicated to be fair use under the traditional four-factor test, the TVEyes rule, if allowed to stand, could potentially subject Google to additional liability concerns based ...

Google writes history: The end of “Authors Guild v. Google

Lexology (registration) - ‎Apr 22, 2016‎
In 2004, Google started the Google Books Library Project, an audacious effort to scan and make searchable the book collections of several major research libraries.

Oxford County Library launches eBook service focused on best sellers

Woodstock Sentinel Review - ‎9 hours ago‎
The library will be spinning out eBooks and audio books on Axis 360, a digital book collection that offers more current and popular titles, as well as more Canadian content that library patrons are looking for.

Crece el catálogo de Google Books - ‎Apr 22, 2016‎
Google Books ofrece la descarga en formato PDF de libros en dominio público y sin derechos de autor, pero los usuarios que no viven en Estados Unidos deben cerciorarse de que la obra se encuentra sin derechos de autor en las leyes de cada país.