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4.3 Magnitude Earthquake NW of Captain Cook

Big Island Now - ‎14 hours ago‎
The 4.3 magnitude earthquake near Captain Cook on July 22 is indicated by the larger blue dot on the west side of Hawai'i Island.
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Tide-triggered tremors give clues for earthquake prediction

Science Daily - ‎17 hours ago‎
The triggering of small, deep earthquakes along California's San Andreas Fault reveals depth-dependent frictional behavior that may provide insight into patterns signaling when a major quake could be on the horizon, according to a paper released this ...
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4.3M earthquake hits south of Kona; NO tsunami expected

KHON2 - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
web site received more than 400 felt reports within one hour of the earthquake. As of 10:30 p.m., one small aftershock was recorded.
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'Earthquake' in Florida Was Actually a Naval Explosion

Live Science - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
The combat ship, USS Jackson, completed its first of three scheduled shock trials in order to test the ship's ability to withstand the effects of nearby underwater explosion.
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4.3 Earthquake Hits Hawaii Before Tropical Storm Darby

Big Island Video News - ‎Jul 23, 2016‎
CAPTAIN COOK, Hawaii - Tropical Storm Darby is heading directly for Hawaii Island, but the storm was beaten to the punch by an earthquake centered in South Kona. The U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports a magnitude-4.3 ...

Norseman earthquakes see town declared Australia's shakiest town

ABC Online - ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
"There is every possibility that another earthquake can occur of magnitude 5. "There has never been a magnitude-6 in that region so the possibility of a magnitude-6 is less likely, but you can't discount it.

Earthquake survivors still await govt grant

Himalayan Times - ‎14 hours ago‎
Forty-five-year-old Thapa lives in a small hut in Kadambas VDC- 5 of Kodari, Sindhupalchowk like most of his fellow earthquake survivors. Thapa said he considers himself lucky as he survived the devastating earthquake of April last year. The temblor ...
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Bangladesh: Hidden fault could trigger major quake

CNN - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
According to recently released research from a team of scientists led by Dr. Michael Steckler from Columbia University, buried under miles of sediment lies a locked and loaded megathrust fault that could unleash an earthquake up to 9.0 magnitude in one ...

Geology: Mediterranean sediment points to huge ancient earthquake

Columbus Dispatch - ‎4 hours ago‎
An earthquake can stir up huge quantities of sediment near the shore. Because that muddy water is heavier than the surrounding clear water, it flows downslope, like a truck without its brakes, sometimes at speeds of more than 50 mph.

Navy defends test blasts that caused Florida 'earthquake'

Florida Times-Union - ‎22 hours ago‎
Headlines across Florida a week ago declared an earthquake rocked the floor of the Atlantic Ocean just over 150 miles off the coast.

Why the end of austerity would be an earthquake for markets

Financial Times - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
Welcome to the era of investing in an earthquake zone, where market tremors are routine and few think the big one will ever occur.

How Much Energy Could We Really Harvest from an Earthquake?

Motherboard - ‎12 hours ago‎
Earthquakes are among the most destructive phenomena human civilization contends with, obviously. For just a few seconds at a time, we're forced to contend with the stirring of the very guts of our planet, with often grim results.

Magnitude 4.3 earthquake shakes Big Island; no damaging tsunami

Maui News - ‎10 hours ago‎
A magnitude 4.3 earthquake shook the Big Island at 9:16 p.m. Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

SHOCK CLAIM: 'World will END' when poles flip and mega earthquake strikes ON JULY 29 - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
"For Jesus will only return on the day the poles reverse and a global earthquake reels the Earth, turning it upside down and leaving every city in the world in utter ruin and destruction.
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Magnitude-4.8 earthquake shakes northern California, no injuries reported

Fox News - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
No injuries or damage were reported Thursday after a magnitude-4.8 earthquake shook California's North Coast. The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake hit 12 miles southeast of the town of Bayside shortly after 4 p.m.
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Earthquake swarm continues in South Bay near Hollister

SFGate - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
An earthquake swarm is continuing to rattle the South Bay near Hollister. In the past four days, more than 39 tremors have hit the area on a section of the San Andreas system known as the Calaveras Fault.

Moderate earthquake hits southwest of Sumatra, Indonesia

New Straits Times Online - ‎21 hours ago‎
KUALA LUMPUR: A moderate earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale struck the southwestern part of Sumatra, Indonesia at 3.41 pm today, according to the Meteorological Department.
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Swarm Of Earthquakes Strike California: Scientists Watching San Andreas Fault - ‎Jul 20, 2016‎
According to data supplied by the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, an earthquake swarm struck the area near Ridgemark - just south of Hollister - Sunday night into Monday morning, when 18 earthquakes of varying intensities struck within a 24 ...

First BC offshore earthquake early warning sensor up and running - ‎Jul 21, 2016‎
Scientists in Victoria have successfully placed the first offshore early warning earthquake sensor along the seabed off Vancouver Island.